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Many of us would like to further our education and this courses guide aims to help you. There are a great many resources available these days in adult education, whether you want to learn a new trade or profession, such as teaching, nursing, accountancy or even if you just want to do something for your own interest. There are courses available for language learning, chocolate making, genealogy. You name it – there are probably several courses available for it!

It’s quite amazing what you can do from your own home in your own time. You can even do Master’s degrees, nursing degrees, and art courses online. The possibilities are almost endless. The aim of this blog is to find and present a variety of options of both online courses and also the more traditional type of courses where you are required to attend a school, college or university.

One of the really great things about studying courses online is that you do it in your own time, so you can fit it in around work and family commitments. On the other hand, many enjoy the social activities of attending college and the interaction with other students. It used to be that college libraries were essential for any research but now there’s a huge amount of information available on the Internet. Google even has a special search facility called “Google scholar”.

Not everything needs to cost a fortune either. There are plenty of free courses online and we’ll try to find them for you and write about them here. We’ll also be tracking the news for the latest trends in education such as top lists for universities and schools.

Our courses guide will have something for everyone, from learning Spanish in Spain to getting a Master’s degree in your home town. If you’re interested in cooking, you might like to know that Le Cordon Bleu has 16 culinary schools in the USA, and more internationally, and if none of that suits you, they even have several online programs. You could become your own personal chef.Graphic with the word "Learn" highlighted against question words

Of course adult education can also lead to good jobs and better salaries. Just think how nice a pay rise would be. With enough training and qualifications you might even be able to fire your boss. If you want a better career or even start your own business, then get some training. Our guide to the courses available will help you.

The best place to start is to think about what interests you and where your talents lie. Are you a creative person? Then look for courses in arts, graphic design, and other artistic fields. Do you enjoy researching? Then maybe a business degree or a genealogy course would suit you.

Sometimes it’s possible to get funding for some of these programs, or even to pay in instalments. This courses guide will help you find the information on that too. If there’s anything you’d like to ask us about or suggest then please get in touch using our Contact form. Is there anything specific you’d like us to write about? Then please do get in touch.

We hope this will be a useful resource for you. If you’re looking for courses then our courses guide can help.

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