Learning Spanish Online

Technology has opened a lot of doors for people seeking education. One way it has done this is through the internet. It is now possible for people anywhere to take online courses, graduate and receive credible credentials.
This is super convenient especially for people who have crazy tight schedules and cannot manage to enroll on schools with strict schedules. One of the most popular applications of online education is in learning foreign languages.
Learning languages online has very many advantages. In addition to being time friendly, they are considerably more financially convenient than enrolling in language learning institutions.
Learning languages online is also better in that you have a wide variety of languages to choose from including rare native languages from exotic regions.

Best online Spanish course

Spanish is one of the most popular languages taken online. It is a language spoken in over thirty countries all over the world. The choice of online language course is important and should be made with the aim of getting highest value of results for your time and money.

The best online Spanish course is The Babbel.com course. The course is affordable and the website accessible through a computer, smartphone or tablet. It uses the immersion method where the students are taught Spanish without translating it into their native languages.

The online course provides the students with resources such as online reading material and flashcards for the student’s benefit. The course also helps you practice using Spanish with other people. This happens in two ways. The first is interaction with teachers who are natives. The second way is by providing a platform for students to form groups and find language partners for practice.

There are other online courses for Spanish like Spanish 101 for beginners, FastBreak Spanish and Quick Spanish course.

Best Spanish Learning Podcast

A podcast is an audio file available on the internet for live streaming or downloading. It is available as a series delivered in installments and contains information about something specific like a language or proceedings of a competition.

Learning Spanish through a podcast is exciting and ensures mastery of the verbal part of language. This means that you will get to learn how to pronounce words properly and how to understand when it is spoken to you.

The best podcast to use to learn Spanish is Notes In Spanish by Ben and Maria. This podcast offers an organized plan for learning Spanish. The course is broken into beginning, intermediate and advanced level Spanish classes.

The podcast is run by Maria who is a native and Ben who is a non-native expert Spanish speaker. Their audio files are clear and high quality with comprehensive and easy to follow lessons. Their files are compatible with almost all mp3 players and smartphones.

Another great thing about them is the fact they are all free. All you need is internet access to download the podcast and you are on your way to learning Spanish on the go.

Other great podcasts that offer Spanish lessons are Radio Lingua, Language Pod 101 and Survival Phrases. There is, however, one disadvantage that comes with using podcasts. This is that the courses do not include spelling and writing classes.

So you might learn how to speak Spanish but have no idea how to read or write it. It is therefore best to use podcasts together with other learning methods that put some emphasis on the reading and writing aspect of learning Spanish.

Best Apps for Learning Spanish

Using an App to learn a language is one of the easiest and most convenient choices. It allows interested people to learn Spanish using their smartphones. There are many Apps available that use audio and visual teaching aids to teach Spanish. The best App to use to learn Spanish is DuoLingo Spanish App.

This App is free and very effective. It is compatible with both android and apple smartphones and is available in the respective App stores at no cost. The App’s method of teaching is one that focuses very little on grammar making it easier to understand without a teacher. It is organized into units with difficulty levels increasing as you move up the units.

The DuoLingo App has quiz sections that have grammar, pronunciation and comprehension questions per unit. These enable you to gauge your progress. The App also very easy to navigate and use and does not harm your device in any way.

There are other excellent Apps that can be used to learn Spanish including The Rosetta Stone Learning App, Fluentu, Memrise and Mosalingua. All of them are compatible with android and Apple smartphones.

Best Program to Learn Spanish

A program is basically software that is installed onto your computer allowing you to access information and make use of it. The best program to use to learn Spanish is Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software. There are very many advantages of using Rosetta Stone program.

The first is their use of dynamic immersion™ technique. Think of it like learning to swim by being dumped into the deep end of the swimming pool. This technique works by teaching you the new language with absolutely no use of your own native language. This is aimed at ensuring that you learn the new language without interference and corruption by grammar rules and language of your own first language.

Rosetta stone also uses wonderful multimedia learning aids including pictures, audio files and videos to teach. The best part is that the software contains links that provide the student with access to a teacher who is a native speaker of the language. The Rosetta Stone package for learning Spanish is a worthy investment and is sure to have you speaking Spanish fluently in no time.

Other great programs for learning Spanish are Pimsleur and Fluenz language learning software. These lean heavily on an audio learning approach but are just as effective.

Whether you choose to use a podcast, an App, a program or an online course, the success of your language learning will be determined by how much hard work you put into it on your own. The fact that you have no strict schedule to follow and no one to follow you up means that you need to be extra disciplined.