is rosetta stone goodis rosetta stone worth it

Is Rosetta Stone Worth It?

Rosetta Stone is a computer aided learning software. It is designed to allow people with an interest in learning a new language to do so in the comfort of their homes. It offers both online and offline courses which is very convenient in terms of timing.

This applies to those of us who find it a little too difficult to juggle daily life with fixed schedules of most foreign language schools and tutors. The software offers a variety of languages like French, Italian and German which are very popular among tourists.

They also offer language learning courses in more rare and exotic languages such as Urdu, Tagalog, Swahili and many other languages that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning software is a one-of-a-kind product. One of the reasons for this is the live lessons feature. This is present in the new version TOTALe 4.

This feature allows the user real face time with a teacher who is a native speaker of the language via video feed. This feature is really exciting and authentic.

I mean, what better way is there to learn a new language than from someone who has spoken it their whole life, right? What’s amazing about this feature is also the fact that you get to choose the time to meet the teacher.

Some words of advice though: don’t rush into the live meeting. It would be better to schedule one after you are a little more comfortable with the language to avoid embarrassing yourself with wrong pronunciation or something of the sort.

Is Rosetta Stone Good?

Another amazing thing about using Rosetta Stone language learning software is the use of dynamic immersion™ technique. Think of it like learning to swim by being dumped into the deep end of the swimming pool. This technique works by teaching you the new language with absolutely no use of your own native language.

In short, no translation. No short cuts. This might seem a little difficult but if you think hard about it, there’s no better way. You get to learn the new language independent of corruption from your own native language grammar rules and meanings. Before you panic, it’s not all that brutal. In place of translation they use images.

For example to learn what “dog” is in Italian, Rosetta Stone software uses an image of the dog accompanied with the word in Italian as opposed to giving you the direct translation. See? It’s not bad. In fact it’s a great way to remember because the picture memory centers in your brain are included. Plus it’s much less boring than staring at a screen full of word translations.

Rosetta Stone software also earns points because of their excellent audio input and output system. When developing the voice recognition software, they did so with non-native speakers in mind.

This means that however heavily laden you are with you native accent, you will have little trouble when using the speech input features designed to gauge the language learner’s progress. This however works best when you are using Rosetta Stone’s own headphone set.

Their output system is for recorded audio pieces for you to learn proper pronunciation and phonetics. This can also be used while text reading to help you be able to make a connection between spelling and pronunciation.

Rosetta Stone is good language learning software but it does have its faults. The greatest being price. Given that the packages are sold per language with each going for about 200 U.S. dollars, some may find it a little expensive. But is it worth it? Definitely.

It has amazing features and a lot of work and research was put into ensuring a great language learning experience for you.

Rosetta Stone vs Pimsleur

Let’s compare Rosetta Stone with other bigwigs in the language learning industry such as Pimsleur. Pimsleur is based heavily on an audio approach where users are offered CDs with audio recordings on phrases, words and sentences with their translation.

The user is supposed to listen to the audios and learn by memorizing and practicing speaking. This approach is slow and a little boring for graphic learners who work best with visual input.

Rosetta Stone vs Fluenz

Fluenz on the other hand is a lot like Rosetta Stone in the fact that there is balance between audio and visual learning. Fluenz however does not use dynamic immersion but instead accompanies words with translation.

This makes it more relatable for the user and for many people, easier to use. Rosetta however beats Fluenz with its great graphics and its favorite feature- the live feeds.

In conclusion, Rosetta Stone language learning software is worth every penny. If used correctly, it will turn you into a fluent speaker in the language of your choice. Whether it’s to impress your girlfriend with French words or getting around a Spain tour without a translator, Rosetta Stone is a great software.